Why do you have to get up early to fly in paratrike/paramotor?

The paratrike (paramotor, powered paraglider) is a very sensitive device to the atmospheric conditions. So, to fly with total security guarantee it is necessary to fly in the best conditions of wind and in the absence of thermals. These conditions normally occur in the first hours of the day; from the ortho until the Sun heats up enough to start creating different types of atmospheric phenomena (strong winds, thermal, turbulence, etc).

The duration of the morning stability depends a lot on the area in which you are going to fly; also on the time of year in which you are going to do it. In Maspalomas, we enjoy exceptionally good weather during almost every day of the year; which means that we can make paratrike flights (paramotor, paragliding with motor) in a completely safe way from the ortho to 3 or 4 hours after the same.

Below, we show you the wind graph of a meteorological observation point located in the Maspalomas Lighthouse; so you can understand what happens with it during the passing of the hours of the day:


In this way, a sunny day does not guarantee adequate conditions, just like a morning with clouds does not mean that you can not fly. At Sky Rebels our priority is safety and we always do an intensive check of the weather forecast and the situation in real time before starting the activity.

Thanks for reading this article! Do you want to know more about meteorology and paratrike / paramotor flight? Leave us a comment!

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