Low cost tour: paratrike flight in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Our low cost tours alternative in Gran Canaria: If you are a big group or have a limited budget, then your option is 18 min paratrike flight over the mountains near Maspalomas. An alternative way to enjoy this amazing flying experience in Gran Canaria, customized to you and with a reducen price. 

What do we offer?

We will pick up you at the pick up point that we will indicate at the time of confirming your reservation, and bring you to the airfield where the activity will start. We will provide you safety and communications material required and we’ll start the flights surrounding the area, enjoying the marvelous views of canyons and mountains around us.

Once we finish the activity with all the participants we will bring you back to the meeting point so you can continue enjoying a fantastic day in south Gran Canaria.


  • Ideal for big groups
  • For all ages
  • Basic service


  • Available every day, depending on weather conditions.
  • The activity starts at 8.00 AM; the pick up will be at Maspalomas Municipality Market.
  • Activity duration: Aprox. 3 hours
  • Flight duration: Aprox. 18 min
  • Minimum weight: 30 kg. Maximum weight: 100 kg. No refunds in case of exceed.

Low cost tour paratrike Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Prices

18 min flight: 95 € / person; for a minimum group of two persons

IGIC 6,5% included


  • Pick up – drop off at the meeting point in Maspalomas.
  • Safety and communications material (helmet, headphones, microphone).
  • Liability and accident insurance.
  • 18 min paratrike tandem flight.

Not included:

  • Transfer outside Maspalomas
  • Video or photos (payable the day of the trip: 30 € per person).
  • Exclusivity: this activity will be performed with different passengers until finishing the maximum per day).
  • Accompanists are not admited.

Sky Rebels reserves the right to change the date of the activity until full capacity is reached.30

We recommend:

  • It’s mandatory to bring sportshoes to perform the activity. It’s not allowed to do it with sandals or flip-flops.
  • We recommend to bring warm clothes; in winter long pants and, at least, a jumper.
  • We do not recommend to have heavy meals before the trip.
  • For safety reasons, it’s not allowed to passengers to bring telephones, cameras or any devices that create interferences with flying instruments or can fall down.
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