A different way to discover the Maspalomas lighthouse

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If there is an iconic image of Maspalomas, this is undoubtedly the aerial view of the Maspalomas lighthouse next to the Dunes. We can show it to you.

What is the Maspalomas lighthouse?

Located in the geographical south of the island of Gran Canaria; the Maspalomas lighthouse is one of the most emblematic images of this tourist area that can be seen – given its colossal height of 56 meters – from different points in the area. In 2005, it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) by the Canary Islands Government. Without a doubt, you should visit this monument and take a souvenir photo of your visit to this spectacular landscape.

What is its history?

The project for the construction of the Maspalomas lighthouse dates back to 1857; However, its definitive approval and subsequent construction did not finish until 1890. It is the work of the architect Juan de León y Castillo, author of the most important architectural projects on the island at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. He put special interest in creating a construction that stands out in the wild environment of the area; but respecting the landscape and the harmony of the environment.

It should be noticed that for the construction of the Maspalomas lighthouse, the materials had to be brought in by boat since access to the area by road was almost unfeasible at that time. Thus, the old lighthouse keepers received a salary and special treatment for being in such an isolated area.

You can see the detailed history here.

“This lighthouse is served by three towers that have 0.5 pts. Of daily gratification for being isolated lighthouse (…) the case has arrived that the doctor called to assist them to ask for a visit 320 pts .. Together with this excess, the distance of 84km, between round trip, they make it very difficult if not impossible, the doctor’s assistance to the lighthouse.
This has a supply service performed by a vessel of 64 tons, which makes a monthly trip from Las Palmas. “

Guía del torrero, 1894

Why do I have to visit the Maspalomas lighthouse?

A pleasant walk along the Atlantic Ocean along the Boulevard de Meloneras, both walking and cycling, is always a good way to end a great day at Maspalomas beach. There you will find many shops, terraces and restaurants to do some shopping, refresh or have a good meal. And, of course, culminating with an amazing sunset that will not leave you indifferent.

What else can I discover in the area?

The lighthouse of Maspalomas is the entrance from the west to the impressive Dunes of Maspalomas; one of the most spectacular sandy areas of the Canary archipelago. It is a wonderful beach but also a protected natural space of singular beauty.

On the other hand, a few meters behind the lighthouse you will discover the Charca de Maspalomas. A brackish water pond where different types of birds nest (such as ducks, herons, sandpipers, etc …) and that also have native vegetation of the zone.

Both spaces are protected ecosystems so we beg you to respect the signage and regulations.

Do you want to know an alternative way to discover the Maspalomas lighthouse?

As we tell you above, a sunset walk to contemplate the sunset is well worth it. But from Sky Rebels, we want to offer you an alternative way to enjoy this fantastic monument in one of our paratrike flights (paramotor, motorized paragliding) over Maspalomas, without doubt, one of the best experiences and best memories that you will take from your visit to Gran Canaria. If you want more information you can click on this link.

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