Ayagaures Maspalomas: the eco-district in the South

Ayagaures Gambuesa Gran Canaria

Out of the most popular routes and the points that appear in all the guides that you will find to visit Gran Canaria, there are places that are not so popular but that undoubtedly has a special charm. Today we’re going to show you one of our favourites.

What is Ayagaures?

What is Ayagaures? It is a small district that belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and that gets its name from the same dam that is in this area. It is the entrance to the Pilancones natural park, an area of ecological sensitivity and also a bird reserve.

One of the most curious features of this area is that it is an eco-neighbourhood; that is to say, an energetically self-sufficient area in which the sustainability of the environment is promoted and all the possible initiatives that help to preserve the environment have a place.


Where is Ayagaures and how can I get there?

Where is Ayagaures and how can I get there? About 15 kilometres from Maspalomas you can find this neighbourhood. It is very easy to get there by car. There is also a circular route entering through the valley of the same name (GC 504) and leaving by Montaña de la Data … this is our favourite route, but of course, you can also do it in the opposite direction!

You can also do the same route by bike. Keep in mind that there are quite a few hills and that the climb up the mountain is not for beginners.

Making new friends in Ayagaures 😉

What will I find in Ayagaures?

What will I find in Ayagaures? The first thing is that the journey through the ravine in the middle of the vertical walls is really beautiful. During this, you can observe different farms with fruit and vegetable crops (mainly orange, banana, mango and other tropical fruits), hives where organic honey is produced and goat and horse farms. If you look up you will probably discover kestrels in ascending flight, taking advantage of the thermals and stalking their prey.

Once you get to the area, you will find yourself at the foot of a vertical wall that holds the Ayagaures dam. You have to continue ascending until you reach the centre of the town where you will find a beautiful square. Near this area, you can park your car and take a walk. In the same square, there is a small bar where you can take an enyesque and see some old photos and about popular traditions (do you know what a garrote is?).

But there is more: if you pass the first dam and continue a little further up, you will find another not so well-known dam (Gambuesa). From that point on you can not continue with the car. We recommend that you take a walking tour to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of the area.


What about the return?

And what about the return? In our opinion, the ideal is to continue the uphill route to Montaña la Data via the GC 503 road; There are several curves but it is not a long or difficult route. Without a doubt, you have to make a stop at the “Mirador de Ayagaures” from which you can contemplate the entire valley that you have just visited.

This tour takes about three hours in total and, without any doubt, it is worth it. If you want us to show you, we can take you on one of our private guided tours; or we can show it to you from the air, what do you think about our plan?

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