Five essential peaks of Gran Canaria


Pico de las Nieves

With its 1,956 meters of height, it is the highest peak of Gran Canaria. The access is very simple since there is a road that takes you to the same base and from there you only have to walk 50 meters. There are also several hiking trails that cross the Parque Rural del Nublo to take you to this point. The most daring arrive here by bike.

Why should not you miss it? We are talking about the highest point of Gran Canaria. But if you need more reasons we can only tell you that you are going to enjoy breathtaking views of the whole island

Roque Nublo

Undoubtedly, this is the most emblematic point of the island and a must for all visitors of Gran Canaria. There is a parking lot from which you can contemplate its majesty, but we certainly recommend that you walk to the base where it sits, the total distance is about three kilometres round trip; the road is simple, although somewhat steep. There are also several hiking trails to get to this point; one of them begins in the town of Ayacata.

Why should not you miss it? Because there are no words to describe the lunar landscape that you will discover when you reach the base of the Roque Nublo and because when you feel under its majestic shadow to recover your strength after the ascent you will discover the incredible landscape of the western area of Gran Canaria.

Roque Bentayga

The “sacred mountain” of Gran Canaria is the third of the three peaks that make up the Parque Rural del Nublo along with the Pico de las Nieves and the Roque Nublo. With a height of 1,414 meters, Roque Bentayga it is the least known of the three, but it keeps one of the most interesting secrets about the first settlers of Gran Canaria. There is parking at its base from which you can walk to the top. The road is a bit more complicated than Roque Nublo, but it is also much less travelled so you can enjoy a quiet walk.

Why should not you miss it? “Almogarén”, “rituals”, “spiritual axis of the aboriginal world of Gran Canaria”. In short, you are in the most sacred place on the island.

Galdar Mountain

In the north of Gran Canaria, there is one of the most important aboriginal settlements on the island. The capital of the “guanartemes” (the aboriginal town of this area) was one of the last bastions that resisted the Spanish conquerors.

Why should not you miss it? Because it is a compulsory step in your visit to the north, because you have to try the Flor de Guía cheese and because here is the “Sistine Chapel” of the Canarian aborigines: Cueva Pintada.

Risco Faneque

The best-kept secret of Gran Canaria is hidden in the heart of the Natural Park of Tamadaba. The access to this unknown corner by tortuous narrow roads and full of curves makes that few arrive at this place. There is a camping area regulated by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Why should not you miss it? Because Pinar de Tamadaba is one of the best preserved natural areas of Gran Canaria. But, above all, to discover the highest cliff in Europe, with 1,027 meters of altitude.

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