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The Sky Rebels team is once again ready to discover Gran Canaria without commercial stops!. We have implemented a hygiene and safety protocol face the Covid-19 so that you can live the best experiences in Gran Canaria. No risk of contagion! Next, we explain the new protocols to follow during our excursions.

Before starting the tour

In order to guarantee the safety distance between non-household members, reservations will be made by rows of seats; with a minimum occupancy of 1 seat and a maximum occupancy of 3 seats per row. In the case of more than 3 participants, the excursion will be considered complete and no more passengers will be accepted.

However, if you want to make a totally private excursion, without other passengers; contact us to offer you a personalized experience for you.

All passengers will be required to use an approved mask inside the vehicle. We also offer hydroalcoholic gel.

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Procedures inside the vehicle

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle will be carried out at the end of each excursion. Likewise, during the different stops, cleaning will be carried out inside the vehicle as many times as appropriate.

Each row of seats will only be occupied by household-members; with a minimum of 1 passenger and a maximum of 3 passengers per row.

Tri-zone air conditioner: Each seat has an individual air conditioner, with airflow that is constantly renewed.

Use of materials

All non-disposable material that is provided to passengers will be conveniently sanitized after each use.

In order to maintain the environment, all disposable material will be collected and deposited in recycling containers at the end of the excursion. Please help us protect the environment by depositing all waste in wastebaskets or recycling bins.

Food handling

80% of the products to be consumed are produced in the Canary Islands, promoting «km 0» consumer product; the development of the sustainable economy and the promotion of agriculture and livestock.

During the preparation, elaboration and presentation of food, all the required hygienic measures will be used: aprons, gloves, mask and hygienic gel.

All dishes will be served individually, no household items will be shared among diners.

The maintenance of the safety distance between non-cohabiting diners will also be guaranteed.

Environmental Protection

In our commitment to environmental protection and respect for the environment; we ask you to help us collaborate. We encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle, to minimize waste and deposit it in the recycling bins you will find throughout the journey.

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