7 Unique excursions in Gran Canaria (2024)

Excursions in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria Excursions,. Day trips in Gran Canaria. Private tour Gran Canaria.

Excursions in Gran Canaria

Discover the real Gran Canaria, with two local guides, no commercial stops guaranteed. Enjoy local gastronomy with homemade Canarian food included!

Excursions in Gran Canaria

Welcome to Gran Canaria!

Since the arrival of the first inhabitants to the Canary Islands, our land has been a land of hospitality; where all people feel welcome. The Canary Islands, the Fortunate Islands, represent a paradise where spring never ends, a place where volcanoes, the ocean and the wind have created a unique environment and landscape. In the Canary Islands you can not only enjoy paradisiacal beaches, but also volcanic landscapes, thermophilic forests, deserts, high mountains and deep valleys, typical villages in which our culture and traditions are still preserved.

But also of our gastronomy so characteristic: papas arrugas, gofio, fish… Our music and our instruments, our artistic expression. We canaries feel lucky to live in this land that gives us our identity and our most representative characteristic: friendliness and joy.

Gran Canaria: the miniature continent

Gran Canaria undoubtedly stands out among all the other islands for the variety of its landscapes and climates; also for the enormous historical, cultural and archaeological heritage it possesses. Indeed, we have to point out that 56% of the territory is considered a biosphere reserve; as well to having one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with an area of ​​almost 10,000 Ha.

There are many ways to discover Gran Canaria; and it literally takes a lifetime to get to know all its corners and secrets. For example: You can relax on our golden sand beaches, walk through the kilometers of dunes in Maspalomas, enjoy a family day in Mogán or Amadores, or water sports in Puerto Rico. If you like urban plans, a visit to Las Palmas is essential. You can enjoy a rum tasting in Arucas, or discover the only coffee plantation in Europe in Agaete.

And, of course, you must discover the inland of Gran Canaria: Roque Nublo, emblem of the island; Pico de las Nieves, the highest point; the Tejeda basin, the most spectacular volcanic landscape in the archipelago; inland towns such as Artenara, or the midlands in San Bartolomé de Tirajana or Agüimes. And of course, our impressive archaeological heritage, Risco Caido, la Fortaleza, the troglodyte habitats that are still preserved; Learn about the fascinating history of the ancient Canarians and their surprising legends.

Would you to discover the authentic Gran Canaria with Sky Rebels?

We propose a different way of getting to know Gran Canaria. In our private excursions in Gran Canaria, we offer you an immersive experience, in which you will discover not only the most outstanding places (and some hidden corners) of this island; but you will also be able to discover the particular history, gastronomy, nature, music and peculiarities that make Gran Canaria a magical and surprising place. you sign up?

Thank you very much for choosing Gran Canaria for your holidays. And thank you very much for choosing Sky Rebels to enjoy an unforgettable day!

Full day excursions in Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo, volcanoes and meal at the Biosphere Reserve tour

outdoor activities Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo, volcanoes and Biosphere Reserve

Would you like to discover the highlights of Gran Canaria? Do you want to avoid crowded groups and tour buses? Do you want to avoid commercial stops and make the most of your Gran Canaria excursion?

On this excursion we offer you the chance to discover places as special as Roque Nublo, Pico de las Nieves or Agüimes; but also other hidden corners that will take your breath away.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Canarian homemade food included.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 7 hours.

Risco Caido and the Sacred mountains of Gran Canaria

Risco Caido and Sacred Mountains

Are you interested in history, archaeology and ethnography? Do you want to know more about the surprising history of the first inhabitants of Gran Canaria?

We propose a journey through time in which you will learn about the history of the ancient Canarians while visiting places like the cave houses in Artenara, the beautiful Tejeda and La Fortaleza.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Canarian homemade food included.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 8 hours.
Unesco Gran Canaria

Customized tours

customised outdoor activities gran canaria

Customised tours

Would you like to make a route through Gran Canaria, at your own pace, and in a totally private group?

We have the experience you are looking for! We adapt to your wishes and design a personalised excursion according to your wishes.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Canarian homemade food included.
  • Private tour guaranteed.
  • Customized routes according to your timing and requirements.

Half day excursions in Gran Canaria

Barranco de las Vacas, the cave and charming villages

half day trips in Gran Canaria

Barranco de las Vacas, Caves & charming villages

Landscapes that will blow your mind: Barranco de las Vacas, secret aboriginal caves and a charming farming village.

An unforgettable experience that involves legends, nature, music and much more!

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 4 hours.

Puerto de Mogan & Sunset at the beach

Puerto de Mogan & Sunset

You havent’t been to Gran Canaria if you haven’t visited Puerto de Mogán. Take this half day trip with us and we will show you that there’s much to see in this charming village and in the south coast of Gran Canaria.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 4 hours.
half day trips in Gran Canaria

Cuatro Puertas & Tufia

caves in gran canaria vert edited

Cuatro Puertas & Tufia

We are going to visit Cuatro Puertas, one the biggest cave construction in the island, carved more than 1.000 years ago that will leave you open-mouthed.

After this, we will visit Tufia, a curious fishermen neighbourhood in which you will learn about the local hospitality.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 4 hours.

Barranco de los Cernicalos, waterfalls & rainforest

Barranco de los Cernicalos

Fairy tales landscapes in Gran Canaria. During this hiking tour you are going to enjoy our rainforest, waterfalls and endemic nature in the island of Gran Canaria.

  • 2 local guides.
  • No commercial stops.
  • Sandwiches / fruit included.
  • Maximum 6 passengers per group.
  • 5.5 hours.
waterfall Gran Canaria
Barranco de los Cernicalos

Private and Shore excursions in Gran Canaria: The best excursions with Sky Rebels

This is the way that we run our Gran Canaria excursions. In Sky Rebels, we want to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. That’s why we offer you a whole series of activities to learn about know the nature and the hidden places of Gran Canaria; as well as its rich gastronomy, music, traditions and culture; through the various private tours that we offer. In brief, we promise: all of our tours are private, with a maximum of 6 participants, and avoiding commercial stops.

Unique day trips in Gran Canaria

While you are staying in South Gran Canaria (Maspalomas, Mogán). You can join our guided tours; which are designed to discover the beauty of Gran Canaria. Hence, you have two options:

In case that you are coming by a cruise to Las Palmas. You want to take advantage of your time here exploring Gran Canaria in a completely private tour, you have to enrol in our Shore Tour. In this case, we recommend you to create a roll call or look for it on your specific cruise forum to create your private group.

to summarize, all our tours are customized for you. We perform them with real reduced groups of maximum 6 passengers and two guides per tour.

We take care of all the details

In addition, all seasoned with our personal sympathy, our detailed knowledge about the environment, traditions and history of our island; a homemade meal that we will prepare in situ and also without commercial stops. At Sky Rebels, we guarantee you a private and exclusive guided tour in Gran Canaria that you will never forget.

  • Maximum 6 passengers per group
  • Two local guides per group
  • Avoid commercial stops
  • Home made Canarian food
  • Private transportation
  • Liability and accident insurances

More tips for your next visit to Gran Canaria?

Check our blog section to learn more about this incredible island. Discover the experiences and places that you shouldn’t miss during your stance in our island.

Do not hesitate! Are you ready for an incredible, unique and unrepeatable experience?

Since 2013; thousands of people have enjoyed our activities and excursions in Gran Canaria, and all of them have been enthusiastic about Sky Rebels; they even repeat!. In fact, you can read what people says about our tours here!

Camilla H
Camilla H
Very nice trip in fantastic surroundings! Entertaining and knowledgeable guides who safely piloted us through lush rainforest and over steep mountains. Smooth pick-up and drop-off. Fun to experience a more unknown part of beautiful Gran Canaria. Recommended!
Fun small group tour This was a special tour, with great energy, and a fun story was told that included you. The small group concept is great, and I’m really glad there were no commercial stops at all! If you are an avid naturalist then perhaps the level of detail could have been greater. For me this was more a positive than a negative.
Jessica S
Jessica S
Amazing views Worth the visit, amazing canyon and when we went (afternoon) it was really quiet. It’s only a short walk along but definitely worth it
Mark B
Mark B
Interesting ancient site if you don't mind a walk up a (usually windy) hill. If you need something local to do before a flight home, check out this ancient site. It's free for a start, and fairly close to the airport. The site itself is composed of 4 separate structures - the first is the Cueva de Cuatro Puertas (cave of the 4 doors) and is a small cave carved out of the hillside with views over to Las Palmas. Follow the steps up the hillside and turn right at the first information sign. Then walk up to the top of the hill (there's no fixed path so watch your step) to see the circular carved area that was used for libations (it's known as Almogarén). Come back down to the first sign and turn right, going round the other side of the hill to the Cueva de los Papeles (cave of the papers). There's a railing to stop you falling over the edge and this has been improved over the last year with a painted concrete foundation so it feels a lot safer. In order to access the last set of dwellings, the Cueva de los Pilares (cave of the pillars) you'll have to climb over a few rough-hewn steps and then walk along a more treacherous path but the views and the location are worth it. There are many theories about how old the site is, but most agree that it dates back to the Guanches, the first humans to settle the islands after migrating from the Berber tribe in north west Africa, although it's been used as a dwelling and animal storage into thr 20th Century. If you find it a bit windy going up the hill, it's usually calm on the other side (where the last 2 sets of caves are) and it's not a site to visit easily if you're unsteady on your feet. Be aware that someone lives on the house at the top of the hill, just before you get to the caves, so be courteous and don't block his exit or trespass in his clearly-marked garden - follow directions to the caves and then park just before the post box that signifies the start of his driveway. The path then continues up to the caves and past his house, which is also charming to look at as you go past. In all, an interesting excursion if you like aboriginal history, don't mind a scramble across rocks, and have time to spare. Just be sure to take the first turning right as you leave or else you'll get stuck in a one way section and have to turn back.
Willem T
Willem T
Lovely day in Gran Canaria Our tour guides were excellent. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about their country and make your day very interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed the tour and can strongly recommend them
An experience beyond the ordinary An unforgettable day which gave good insight into a few corners of Gran Canaria's history, which also explains differently in the present. Incredibly sweet, helpful and knowledgeable guides, on top of that with a sense of humor and playfulness. Thanks, you two! Sky Rebels has my highest recommendation.
Venera L
Venera L
Wonderful tour of Gran Canaria. What a fantastic tour by two local Canarians. Inez and Juan and not forgetting Lupita were entertaining , informative and great fun. They collected us and returned us to our cruise ship promptly. In between from North to South we saw amazing scenery, clouds, plants, biodiversity. The lunch was excellent and tailored to our requirements. We totally recommend this tour.
Fantastic half day tour Great tour with two local, very experienced, friendly and funny guides. You will learn about some of Gran Canarias history, vegetation and animals with the waterfalls as highlights.
Kathrin K
Kathrin K
An impressive day A very impressive trip thanks to Ines and Juanjo!!! Their warm and authentic manner made this day unforgettable. You can see how much they love and respect the landscape. Absolutely recommended!!!
Ariane D
Ariane D
Very beautiful, unusual place. Magnificent site. Easily accessible and short (1.2 km A/R) but possible to do a trek of around 5km with good walking shoes and water.

FAQ about our excursions in Gran Canaria

What does our excursions in Gran Canaria consist of?

excursions in Gran Canaria

These are excursions for reduced groups, maximum 6 passengers, to see the best places in Gran Canaria. Both the most emblematic places and other hidden but spectacular places for us.
The tours will take place in a new vehicle with all kinds of comforts. Our aim is for you to get to know the island from a local point of view.

Do you offer private excursions in Gran Canaria?

Of course we do, If you are interested on private experiences and excursions in Gran Canaria, just contact us and we will customize specially for you!

How far will we walk?

Throughout our excursions in Gran Canaria, we will make stops to get to know different parts of the island . Of course, the total amount of walking distance is entirely up to you. On our hiking tours in Gran Canaria we adapt to your needs, i.e. you will set your own pace and at the end, you will walk the distance you want to walk.
On Gran Canaria excursiosn, we will provide you with walking poles and water to make the route easier.

How far will we travel?

The total distance in our minivan is from 100 to 250 km, depending on the route. We can start in Maspalomas, Puerto de Mogan or Las Palmas.
Our minivan, “Lupita”, has all the comforts, such as individual air conditioning and USB ports for charging electronic devices. Above all, we want your experience with our private excursions in Gran Canaria to be as enjoyable as possible.

How long does this excursions in Gran Canaria last?

We offer a range of day trips, half day trips and customized excursions in Gran Canaria; so everything is adapted to your requirements. From 4 to 9 hours in which every detail, landscape, view is organized so will get the full advantage of you experience.

Where and what are we eating?

canarian products scaled

On our full day excursions in Gran Canaria, we will have lunch in a picnic area located at the top of the mountains and perfectly equipped for all kinds of meals. In fact, this place is widely used by the “Canariones” for excursions and weekend family meals. In addition, this place has toilets, which the Cabildo de Gran Canaria maintains in perfect condition on a daily basis.
The food is home-cooked, made with fresh, seasonal produce, most of it bought from small local shops, so the quality is unbeatable.
We will contact you in order to know your preferences before the trip and to choose the food and drinks based on the information you have provided. In any case, as far as drinks are concerned, we would appreciate it if you could be as specific as possible (e.g. if you choose soft drinks, please specify the type).
Please note that we are in a protected natural area, therefore, we ask you to deposit all your waste in the waste bins provided.
For our half day trips in Gran Canaria, we will offer you a local food tasting.

If we don’t make commercial stops, does that mean I can’t buy a souvenir?

Of course not, when it comes to getting around the different stops we make during our excursions in Gran Canaria, we will find a wide variety of shops of all kinds. Most of them with local gastronomic and handicraft products, so you can buy any souvenir you wish.
On our experiences, we want to encourage local trade and traditional small businesses. All the extra expenses you incur go directly to them, we do not receive commissions of any kind.

Is everything included in our excursions in Gran Canaria?

Our full day excursions include: food, drinks, transport, pick-up, drop-off and all insurances.
As we have already mentioned in the previous question, the only extra cost would be if you decide to buy any kind of product in the local shops and stalls that you will find along the guided tour. But that is entirely up to you.
If you are a coffee lover, we can also stop at a local coffee shop after lunch if you ask us to do so and make your siesta time easier. That expense is also on you.
About the haf day trips, we include: transportaion, local food tasting and all insurances

What clothes and shoes should I wear for the excursion?

To carry out tour Gran Canaria excursions, we recommend:
Comfortable shoes (trainers would be a good choice).
Warm clothes (near the coast you can be in a short-sleeved T-shirt, but on the summit it’s cold even in summer, sometimes it rains!)
Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen (logical, right?)
Mobile phones and all kinds of electronic devices you want with 100% charge (although in the vehicle we have a USB input for charging electronic devices in the passenger compartment).
For the hiking routes, we will provide you with walking poles if you need them, included in the price.

What are the weather conditions in Gran Canaria?

The trade winds, the Gulf Stream and the orography of Gran Canaria have blessed this island with a wonderfully mild climate all year round. At any time of the year, you can enjoy different microclimates, depending on where you are: the coast, the midlands or the mountains.
Near the coast, you can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt. But at the summit it is often cold, even in summer, and sometimes it rains! That’s why we recommend being prepared for all kinds of weather situations.
In any case, Sky Rebels reserves the right to modify the tour in case of adverse weather conditions.

What is the cancellation policy?

The company reserves the right to cancel the activity for technical or meteorological reasons. In this case the amount paid will be refunded.
The company reserves the right to cancel the activity in case the required minimum number of passengers is not reached. In this case, the amount paid will be refund.
If the client cancels the activity with more than 48 hours notice, the amount paid will be refunded, except for a 10% handling fee per passenger.
If the client cancels the activity with less than 48 hours notice, no refund will be made. In any of the following cases, Sky Rebels will not refund the client:
The client is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
The activity is cancelled due to the client’s deliberate delay or failure to attend the activity.

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