Caves in Gran Canaria

The sugar, the troglodytes and the local beach tour

Caves in Gran Canaria

Caves in Gran Canaria

Did you hear about the troglodyte way of life in Gran Canaria? Yes, nowadays there’s still people living this way in our island; the fact is that the ancient Canarians built incredible cave houses on different locations, some of them are comparable to real castles.

In this half day trip in Gran Canaria, we are going to show you ashtonishg locations far from the crowds and touristic spots.

Also, you are going o learn how people took advantage of the watercourses to create “ingenios”, mills and water supply, and how sugar production worked until the XIX century.

Finally, we will visit a charming fishermen town where you will enjoy the local beaches and learn some old stories.

Caves in Gran Canaria: The route

The sugar

Sugar production was the economic engine of Gran Canaria for several centuries; and the town of Ingenio was a great productive center of this industry. You will discover this beautiful town and learn a little more about the smart use of water in this place.

The troglodytes

There are lots of examples of caves in Gran Canaria. Some of them are daily visited by hundreds of tourists. However, there are others that are little known but that show surprising architecture. We will visit one of these places that, we promise, will leave you speechless.

The local beach

Outside of the touristic spots, there are cute beach locations in Gran Canaria in which until not so long ago public services like electricity or water distribution was a chimera. We are going to show you one place where one of our guides will tell you a story of his own childhood.


  • Small groups of maximum 6 people per day
  • Local food tasting
  • Without commercial stops
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Duration of the tour: 4 hours
  • Ideal for families


Price for Caves in Gran Canaria tour

60 € per passenger

Launch offer!!! –> 45 € / passenger

Please remember to check this box when you book, so you will get 15 € discount per passenger

Important information

We recommend

  • Departures only from Maspalomas.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and clothes. However, we will contact you the day before the trip with the detailed weather forecast.
  • Although the walking distance is short, this activity is not recommended to people with heart problems, walking difficulties or similar.
  • Bring, at least, 1,5 litres of water with you.
  • Sun protection: sun cream, caps, sunglasses.
  • In summer: swimsuit and towel in case that you want to take a dip at the beach.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy for Caves in Gran Canaria tour

  • The company reserves the right to cancel the activity for technical or meteorological reasons. In this case the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the client cancels the activity with more than 48 hours notice, the amount paid will be refunded, except for a 10% handling fee per passenger.
  • If the client cancels the activity with less than 48 hours notice, no refund will be made.
  • In any of the following cases, Sky Rebels will not refund the client:
    • The client is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
    • The activity is cancelled due to the client’s deliberate delay or failure to attend the activity.


wouter v
wouter v
Zeker doen! Uitstekende en zeer enthousiaste gidsen, Zeer lieve en vriendelijke mensen. Je ziet unieke plaatsen vanuit het oogpunt van de locals. Zeer informatief. Je leert iets over de geschiedenis van Gran canaria
Lovely half day tour on very unique places of GC A very pleasant and surprising; original side of GC with two very enthousiast locals! We had a half day tour of the beaten path. The service was perfect. A hot day but the tour and views; walks & spots we did were just perfect Thank you
Worth every penny, informative and fun By far this is the best and most fulfilling tour I have ever done. We was very lucky to be the only party (max 6 people on any tour, so dont think ever feel crowded) so it felt very personal. At no time do you feel rushed if you need extra few minutes they will let you take them, no pushing you because they have strict schedule and no visiting anywhere that is up selling their product, this tour is about culture, history and nature. The small walk up to Roque Nublo is not strenuousness and they stop several times to talk more about the landscape and history so you feel rested even before you at the top. But even with the history and beauty of the island being shared one of the key things this tour gives you is home cooked food, with some being cooked during the lunch stop in the forest. Sky Rebels delivers the tour in a way you never feel at home and never talking too much like some guides feel they have to do, they are friendly, passionate about the Island and quirky but fun. Yes it is on the expensive side, but you not going to be in a big group so can ask stupid questions that never can do in bigger groups, the bus can visit places coaches cant and the food is almost worth the cost on its own.…
Delightful day Sky Rebels offered a private day trip which included a delightful homemade meal to go with the days exploration. The tour includes several notable vistas and museums to go along with the exploration of key sites. Ines and Juanjo are the couple who drive and guide the tours. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about their home island and its history but they provide plenty of laughs and entertainment along the way especially with their surprise guest Lupita who provided a cheeky commentary.…
Simone S
Simone S
Fantastica giornata alla scoperta delle bellezze dell'isola Bellissima giornata alla scoperta dell'isola! Fantastica giornata alla scoperta delle bellezze dell'isola. Lupita, Inés e Juanjo sono preparati, professionali e molto simpatici. Se visitate Gran Canaria non potete fare a meno di questa attività..sopratutto scoprire i tre grandi segreti dell'isola!…
Simone S
Simone S
Bellissima giornata alla scoperta dell'isola! Fantastica giornata alla scoperta delle bellezze dell'isola. Inés e Juanjo sono preparati, professionali e molto simpatici. Se visitate Gran Canaria non potete fare a meno di questa attività...sopratutto scoprire i tre grandi segreti dell'isola!
Fantastic If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone visiting Gran Canaria, then book them a tour with Sky Rebels! My parents had an amazing time on their UNESCO heritage tour! The personal touch, the non-commercial approach, the passion and dedication of the two tour hosts were…
Lisanne B
Lisanne B
Best tour we have ever experienced Inés and Juanjo are the best tour guides you can wish for. Together with Lupita, they make sure you experience a day full of surprises and beautiful moments. As Inés and Juanjo are locals from Gran Canaria, during the day you learn everything about the islands history and…
Marita G
Marita G
Una experiencia genial!! Elegimos junto con unos amigos hacer un Tour con SKY REBELS y nos quedamos encantados!! Pasamos un precioso día visitando diferentes lugares de esta maravillosa isla ...Inés y Juanjo son muy amables , profesionales y comida que ofrecen hecha por Inés , con productos…
Melrose Tapes
Melrose Tapes
Un Viaje Inolvidable!!! Qué acierto habernos decantado por Sky Rebels para descubrir en profundidad la apasionante isla de Gran Canaria! Nunca olvidaré esta excursion o mejor dicho viaje! porque es un viaje a través del tiempo, los paisajes esplendentes de la isla y sus islas colindantes, un picnic con…
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