Paratrike, powered paragliding in Maspalomas

Paratrike, paramotor: More than paragliding! Better than flying!

Have you ever wondered how a bird feels the world? Many people ask how things look from the air. In Sky Rebels, we offer you the possibility of living a unique experience flying with us in a paratrike – powered paragliding; with which you can discover the breathtaking landscapes of Maspalomas, in the south of Gran Canaria.

We will fly over on our own wings (our paraglider) to see the ravines and mountains, the coast, the impressive Dunes of Maspalomas. Also, We are going to contemplate the marine fauna (fish, turtles and some other surprises). And all with great doses of fun, adventure and adrenaline.

Why with Sky Rebels?

In Sky Rebels we are going to offer you, without a doubt, one of the best activities in Gran Canaria: powered paragliding (paratrike – paramotor) over Maspalomas. There is no similar feeling to the one we are going to offer you.

We not only offer one of the best experiences. We are also the only company in Gran Canaria authorized to carry out powered paragliding – paratrike – paramotor flights. Enjoy the opportunity to live a unique experience, safe and with all the guarantees.

Last, but not least: we’ve been providing this paratrike, powered paragliding experience in Maspalomas for more than five years. Thousands of very satisfied customers all over the world that are recommending us. Furthermore, all the reviews that you will read about us are excellent, and this is not a coincidence.

Paratrike Maspalomas: Do not hesitate! Are you ready for an incredible, unique and unrepeatable experience?

We offer you a unique flight experience in Gran Canaria: 45 minutes of flight over the majestic Dunes of Maspalomas, a unique space of 400 hectares of sand that you can contemplate from the air.

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